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I'm Neba, a UI/UX Designer & Developer.

With my background in Architecture and Frontend Development, I design UI/UX solutions that are both aesthetically captivating and functionally intuitive. Elevate your digital landscape with designs that resonate and engage.


The Cure Chronicles Podcast

The Cure Chronicles delves deep into the stories of those at the forefront of ending HIV. From groundbreaking researchers to the bravest advocates, hear how a future without HIV could look, directly from those leading the way.

Currently Under Development


PawTagged is an e-commerce platform that offers unique and personalized apparel for Pets. Each neckwear is unique and customers are able to upload their furry friend’s images and customize their tags. 


Addimmune was founded in 2023 to pursue promising gene therapy technologies that treat and cure HIV.

American Gene Technologies

American Gene Technologies is a pioneering biotech company headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, that’s using gene therapy to cure humanity’s most deadly diseases. American Gene is creating the foundation for a fundamentally new approach to medicine.

AGT Online Store

American Gene Technologies had an online store where a number of branded merchandise were available for sale. The proceeds from this store would help fund the research to find a functional cure f0r HIV.

HIV Cure Foundation

HIV Cure Foundation (HCF) is dedicated to ending the global epidemic of HIV/AIDS by supporting the development of better ways to treat HIV/AIDS, and ultimately to find a cure. In service to this mission, HCF directly supports life changing and life extending scientific research for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

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